About CCBI

The California Climate Breakthrough Initiative (CCBI) is an independent, nonpartisan 501c3 nonprofit organization focused on alerting key influencers and decision-makers about the perils of the current status quo path and engaging them in an effort to put a price on carbon in the US, as part of a broader campaign to reduce global emissions. CCBI can engage the public, bring urgent awareness and deliver the full policy array needed to avert the crisis.

CCBI is different from others in our independence, agility, engagement of key leaders and our focus on the needed alignment, clear communications, and cultural conversation required to help enable the large-scale, socially transformative solution to the crisis that should be the focus of the Paris 2015 United Conference of Parties to the Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Crucially, CCBI has committed partners who worked to successfully defeat Proposition 23 in California as well those who have conducted a successful nationwide grassroots campaign, which achieved breakthrough environmental legislation at a massive scale. 

Download CCBI's four-page Outreach brief: